La opción descolonial y la actualidad mundial

Walter Mignolo. MACBA 2015

RWM-Quinsy Gario

Quinsy Gario was born in Curaçao and raised in Sint Maarten, Curaçao and the Netherlands, where he now lives and works. After studying Theatre, Film and Television, he focused on Postcolonial theory and began working on activist practices in parallel to his video art. In 2011 he won the Hollandse Nieuwe 12 Theatermakers Prize, and was a finalist in the Dutch National Poetry Slam championships. The following year, he started his own radio show, called Spanner in the Works.


RWM-Michael Hardt

Michael Hardt is a Professor of Literature at Duke University, North Carolina. His recent works have primarily dealt with aspects of globalisation and with a reinterpretation of the political left in the light of the wave of popular uprisings taking place around the world.
At the turn of the century, with philosopher Antonio Negri, he co-authored ‘Empire’ and ‘Multitude’, which quickly became milestones of contemporary political theory.

In 2012, Michael Hardt again teamed up with Negri to write ‘Declaration’, an electronic publication that reflects on the Occupy movements and their potential for a new democratic openness. As the authors explain in the introduction, the title ‘Declaration’ is a reversal of what manifestos once were: it is a theoretical formulation of what society generates in the streets and squares.

Radio web MACBA talks to Michael Hardt about what role revolutions have today as spaces for new social creation.


Imaginar y practicar la constitución del común

Conferencia Michael Hardt – Museo Reina Sofía. 18 Octubre, 2013

RWM-Chris Dercon

‘When we talk about culture, we’re not talking about goods but about values’, says Chris Dercon (Lier, Belgium, 1958). And cultural values have a direct effect on our bodies and our minds, he continues. They are essentially a form of emancipation; a form of biopolitics.



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