Presentación MASE-Historia y presencia del Arte Sonoro en España


Comunicado publico, presentación del proyecto MASE-Historia y presencia del Arte Sonoro en España.

3 y 4 Abril 2014 | Museo Reina Sofía
Edificio Nouvel, Auditorio 200

José Manuel Costa, José Luis Espejo, José Iges, Xoán Xil, Juan Cantizzani, José Manuel Berenguer, Kamen Nedev, Adolfo Nuñez, Juanjo Palacios, Carmen Pardo, Abraham Rivera y Pedro López.

Programa completo (pdf 2.5MG)

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ISO #3 – ZOOart 2013

zooart1 zooart2 zooart3

ISO #3 – Imperceptible Sounds Observatory at ZOOart 2013
11th to 14th of July.
The Fresia Gardens – Cuneo (Italy)

ZOOart invites artists to propose artworks and site-specific projects that can be contextually inserted into the spatial and temporal dimensions of the Fresia Gardens. The exhibition allows the participating artists to interact within a specific site, that of the urban garden and intends to question the relation between humanity and the environment.

Its exhibition formula displays selected artworks in the presentation area within the Fresia Gardens during the evening for three consecutive weeks from the 4 – 21 of July 2013.

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Eavesdropping #2

old_football copy


Saturday June 1st. 2013 | 18:00 to 22:00
Violenweg 2
2597 KL, Den Haag (The Netherlands)

Juan Cantizzani | Michael Doocey | Wen Chin Fu |
Matteo Marangoni | Jeremiah Runnels |
Davide Tidoni | Lawrence Weiner |

Eavesdropping is a performance series dedicated to interconnecting territories, identities and practices through operative modes that verge towards the illicit and the mundane. It investigates the act of listening and the propagation of rumor in order to articulate tensions which resonate between the transient quality of presence and the specificities of site.

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Sonidos en Recesión – LEA ediciones [lea008]


ColapsonusTrack released 02 April 2013LEA ediciones [lea008]

Mediante la grabación de una hora de duración de tráfico urbano como representación del sistema productivo y reduciendo su tiempo a cuatro minutos, esta pieza, inspirada en la entrevista realizada a Jesús Martín Barbero por Zemos 98, intenta escuchar a este sistema siguiendo sus mismos patrones, acelerando el proceso.

·Grabación de campo: Juan Cantizzani y Matteo Marangoni.
·Composición: Juan Cantizzani

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SON[I]A #177 – Lawrence Weiner


SON[I]A #177 – 02.05.2013 (23′ 45”)

In 1968, Lawrence Weiner released the following declaration of intent: ‘The artist may construct the piece. The piece may be fabricated. The piece need not be built.’ Three emphatic aphorisms with which he announced that art does not need a physical medium – it is enough for it to transmit an idea. Since then, language has become an essential raw material in his artistic work, and has shaped a body of work that includes sculptures made out of words, sound works, postcards, books, posters and films. In parallel to all of this, the artist has been drawing intensively since the sixties.

The exhibition ‘Written on the Wind’ presents the first exhaustive overview of Lawrence Weiner´s works on paper, with over 300 drawings that illustrate many of his obsessions, working methods, interests and personal concerns.

SON[I]A talks to Soledad Gutiérrez, co-curator of the project, about the process of setting up the exhibition and about the Lawrence Weiner’s relationship to drawing, language, artistic reception and political commitment.


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